Every Thursday and only on thursday we present two live concerts and various DJs, sometimes rockstars behind the dj-desks, all together a sound between rock, metal, indie, hardcore, pop, alternative and punk on three different floors.

The sage club is a fixed size in berlin nightlife from 1997 on,
well-known for its eccentric band-booking, a dragon, who spits fire over people´s heads on a dancefloor and a pool at the garden-area, which is indoor during the wintertime.

We´re attached to sage restaurant (http://sage-restaurant.de/cms/) and sage hospital (http://cms.sagehospital.de/)


opening time: thursdays from 8pm on

music styles:
2 live bands, 3 dancefloors
(Mainhall: Rock-Pop-Trash-Indie-Punk-Rap,
Dragonfloor: Metal-Hardcore-Rock-Industrial,
Separee: Trap-Hip-Hop-Soul-Funk)
and 1 Open-Air Area (Garten: Rock Classics-Alternative-Punk-Dark Wave)